In education, your have choices and options!

Making academic decisions for your family or yourself?

The world of education has never been so complicated!   The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming, and every choice seems to present more and more options. What's more,  competition for scholarships, grants and placements in the best schools is so intense that only a small percentage of top students succeed.  Alternative and supplemental academic options are part of most successful education strategies.  Finally, the cost of education and,  consequently,  student debt continue to climb exponentially.  

How do you choose the right academic strategies,  programs, products and services from a myriad of choices? 

The 2014 Ed-expo - Choices in Education is the go-to event for Santa Clarita and North Los Angeles County residents faced with making important, possibly life changing,  education related decisions for your family or yourself.  Returning to the Hyatt Regency Valencia on November 7, 2014, Ed-Expo presents a rare opportunity to discuss, face-to-face, choices and options, including:

  • Public and private elementary and secondary schools
  • Colleges, universities and career techincal education
  • Infant, early childhood and pre-school child development
  • After-school educational day care, tutoring and supplemental learning programs
  • Camps, academies, and training sports and the arts
  • Teaching Aids, school supplies and other educational products and services
  • Educational academic and financial planning, scholarships, grants
  • Re-employment, career advancement and career change education
  • Adult life-long learning and enrichment opportunities

Ed-Expo features:

  • Free admission and free parking
  • Exhibitors offering education options, services and products at all levels
  • Presentations on topics important to making sound decisions.
  • Expo Directory/Education Resource Guide contains important information about each participant, announcements of special offers and prizes, a site plan showing where everything is located and a Schedule of Events. The Directory/Guide also serves as a handy reference guide for future use. Advertising space is available.
  • Free Goody Bag filled with treasures and information. Advertiser insertions are available.
  • PassPort Promotion - When stamped by all participating exhibitors, the Passport becomes the attendee's entry into drawings for up to 20 prizes worth $50 or more, plus one entrant will win the grand prize of 300 California Super Lotto Quick Picks.

Produced by:

High Impact Event Resources

Gary Buterbaugh, Executive Producer